Kym Grosser

March 21st, 2014

Ridiculous curved wall clip of Kym! Filmed by Daniel Rosenthal.

Strictly BMX crew

March 19th, 2014

Strictly crew at Wallan skatepark from Kym Grosser on Vimeo.

Mick Bayzand ,Sean Falkenstein an myself went out to Wallan victoria (bout 1 hour from melbourne) an had fun on the street section at the new skatepark .. hope you enjoy..-Kym G.


March 19th, 2014

Nate hits rewind on this one …WTF!? hahaha. a few more instavidz after the jump.  Continue reading »

Kym in the mix

February 6th, 2014

Grosser localizing in silence

January 8th, 2014

180 Starspin

January 6th, 2014

Nate on the strip all star struck.


January 6th, 2014

 K.G. sliding into 2014

Tune in

December 13th, 2013

Damm Kym & Nick have hit the big time! Strictly BMX have put out a T.V. ad Australia wide which is the 1st time ever a BMX shop has been on the telly! It also features Strictly teammate Renald Mc Queen from BSD.


December 8th, 2013

Kym at Lorne skatepark.

Living on the edge

December 3rd, 2013

Kym manualing a rough ledge with a 40ft plus drop on the other side in Pokhara Nepal a few weeks back.